Week in review - 25th-29th January 2016

Welcome to a weekly round up of stories that have caught the attention, some good news, some bad news and useful blogs sites and tools I have come across. 

First of all, a bad week for Tesco, which has been trying to put a brave face on a damning report into the way it delayed and stalled payments to suppliers, in an unspoken policy to paint the best picture of economic health. In the wake of the Tesco accounting scandal, many suppliers - more often than not hard pressed SMEs - will be left seething, but will know that losing business to Tesco is just not a viable business. Tesco swiftly communicated with every supplier, with CEO David Lewis stating: 

“In 2014 we undertook our own review into certain historic practices, which were both unsustainable and harmful to our suppliers. We shared these practices with the adjudicator, and publicly apologised. Today, I would like to apologise again. We are sorry."

However, this is only the first step in a long road back in regaining the trust of suppliers for Tesco, and the new regime will need ensure there is clear transparency in its practises as the new management team strives to create a new culture within the organisation. 

It was great to see a childhood favourite of mine, Scalextric, enjoying a new lease of life thanks to integration with app technology, launched at the London 2016  Toy Fair

Scalextric is hoping to enjoy the same revival Lego has undergone in the last 10 years and its combination of hands on toys with online gaming features should be a winner, and shows the way for toy makers looking to revamp supposed tired formats.  I was left thinking of the amount of arguments over race winners with my brother and cousins that could have been avoided if we had this tool back in the early 1990s!

Useful sites and tools

I really like the Centre for Cities new data tool which allows users to compare trends across 64 of the UK's largest cities and urban areas, and will be looking to use the data in some forthcoming pieces. The future strength of the UK is dependent on the success of our civic centres, and how well areas can be transformed into forums for new ideas and enterprises. The power and value of large scale real-time data management will have over business and government policy makers is only just being recognised and harnessed, and organisations like Centre for Cities will  play a key role in our understanding of the UK's place in the world. 

The following blog post from Andy Barr of 10 Yetis, on 10 tools every PR needs to use was very helpful for me. Not only does it reaffirm some of my existing practises, but it was a jump start kick for me that I have been putting off engaging with certain tools for too long, and has given me some valuable homework for this weekend!